IREM MD Committees 

Committee Boards, Members & Descriptions 

IREM Maryland Chapter Committees are the working force at the heart of our organization. They serve to help develop policies and provide guidance for all IREM MD programs, events and daily operations. Serving on a committee provides a great opportunity to help improve various aspects of our association and enables members to gain valuable insight into the organization, and gain the knowledge and confidence required to be more successful leaders

IREM Maryland Committees: 

Programs & Communications Committee

Committee Chair: Alex Krone 

Committee Members: Rich Henneberry; Nathan Velize; Erica Sabat; Philip Baum; Caitlyn Shrum

Mission: To plan and organize meetings that will add value to IREM® Maryland Chapter's members and Friends by providing topics that enhance their professional competence and select venues that allow for maximum networking, and above all...FUN.

Membership Committee

Committee Chair: Theresa Leatherbury

Committee Members: Paulette Atkins-McCree; Jill McKinley; Melissa Maynard;
Michelle Thompson; Nick Pavick; Cristina Istrate.

Mission: To provide an invaluable resource base for incoming Members and Applicants.  Promote personal development opportunities through Chapter involvement and leadership.

IREM Bucks Committee

Committee Chair: Beverly Willis

Committee Members: Amy Natoli; Autumn Robinson

Mission: To provide an effective incentive program for members of IREM Maryland, which will promote and encourage active engagement throughout the year. 

 Education Committee 

Committee Chair: Beverly Willis 

Committee Members: Rich Henneberry; Teika Haymon; Ninette Patrick

Mission: To act as the Chapter's primary education contact, and to ensure education staffing, facility, and registration needs are met. And to assume the duties of on-site representative of RE3 Education for courses hosted by the Chapter. 

Professional & Corporate Outreach Committee

Committee Chair: Teika Haymon

Committee Members: Danielle Reavis & Michael Denise

Mission: Increase corporate awareness of the value of IREM credentials through an active outreach program. Continue to grow our membership by increasing community awareness of IREM and the benefits of membership. Strengthen our existing relationship with The University of Baltimore and create new partnerships with other real estate programs, universities, and corporations.

Legislative Committee

Committee Chair: Adam Skolnik

Mission: To protect and represent the legislative interests of our members.

Income & Expense Committee

Committee Chair: Steve Margerum 

Mission: Provide accurate income and expense information for the Baltimore Metropolitan Area.

Golf Committee

Committee Chair:  Dave Thomas & Sonya Campbell

Committee Members: Alex Krone; Theresa Leatherbury; Theresa Keysar; Dani Bressler; Dave Smith; Jenn O'Dell; Bob Owen.

Mission: To Plan, organize, and implement a professionally run and fun golf tournament that will generate a substantial financial contribution to benefit charitable organizations identified by the committee as well as supporting the Chapter’s Community Outreach Committee’s efforts.

Industry Partner Committee

Committee Chair: Dave Thomas & Sonya Campbell

Committee Members: Kristy Meyers

Mission: To make available to our membership a group of providers of relevant services and materials.

Community Outreach Committee

Committee Chair: Elizabeth Wright & Jennifer Coco 

Committee Members: Christine Boone; Kristy Meyers; Matt Moffett; Lorraine Horsley; Donna Boesl; Jenn O'Dell

Mission: To enhance the quality of life within the communities that we live, work and serve through public service, corporate sponsorships and strategic partnerships.

IREM Young Professionals Committee

Committee Chair: Melissa Maynard

Committee Members: Nick Pavick; Cristina Istrate; Mallelyn Bautista

Mission: Promote growth for young professionals, IREM and the Asset and Property Management field by providing educational & social networking mixers in a casual, progressive and fun environment.